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I am fortunate to have earned the support of a great many leaders throughout Fairfield County.  To date 52 of them have offered their support of my candidacy for County Commissioner.  As of April 5, 2018, these endorsements include that of the Fairfield County GOP.

I am humbled by this support.  Over the years I’ve worked hard to try to do the right thing, to step up when needed or asked, to help others get elected or to serve in some capacity, all the while never really knowing that effort is recognized or appreciated.  So when the opportunity presents itself, and the ask is made, to receive nearly unanimous support – It validates the effort over the years.

Please click on the underlined names below to read these endorsements.

County Government Leaders
School Officials
Law Enforcement Leaders
Dealing with the Opiate Issue
Lancaster Leaders
Pickerington Leaders
Ohio Statehouse and United States Congress
Republican Leaders
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